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 You can talk with a Sophono™ Patient TODAY


Wondering what the Sophono™ bone conduction hearing system feels like? Or what it’s like to go through a demonstration of the system or implant procedure? Talk with an actual patient through the Sophono™ Medtronic Ambassador Response Team or SMART Program today.


An ambassador is someone who is using the Sophono™ hearing therapy and has volunteered to share their experience.

SMART Ambassadors:

    • Have used the Sophono™ for more than 6 months
    • Share their personal experiences honestly and answer questions
    • Do not offer medical advice or technical support
    • Are not paid, and are not Medtronic employees
    • Will speak candidly about their experience

Fill out this form to be connected with an ambassador today. 



" I’m a mom of a 9-year-old son born with congenital aural atresia and microtia. Ben’s identical twin, Sawyer, has normal hearing. We learned about the Sophono through our doctor and researched it on the internet. Ben was the first child in our area to receive the Sophono implant. We have been very happy with the decision to have the Sophono for Ben. Ben loves his Sophono. It has helped his language and social development. Ben is in the 4th grade at a public school. He is an A/B student and enjoys math. He loves to play baseball, knee board, swim and fish. I am also a Parent Advisor with the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and work with families of children birth to 6-years-old with vision or hearing impairment. "

-Natasha, SMART Ambassador

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